Rebuild The Economy

It’s Time To Have a Better Business and Employment for all. 

We want to encourage people and companies to have a better a chance to success and do more and more. This is how we’re going to do it.

Lower The Taxes

If we continue raising taxes, it’s going to discourage small businesses. We need to support our economy and bring people back to work, otherwise, they’re going to freeze.

Better Opportunities

Gives those insurance companies the money to help small businesses owners to get back up again. 

High Taxes Drives Business Away

Amazon was going to allow 25,000 new employment oppurtinties in Long Island City, Queens, however, a number of state and local politicians have made it clear that they oppose our presence and will not work with us to build the type of relationships that are required to go forward with the project.

Loans For Businesses

Loans for businesses and the community where they can help to grow local businesses to thrive and allow more jobs to be created.

Create More Jobs, More Employment

Using tax dollars to retrain energy workers to work in green new industries at the same rate of pay is also a costly notion. The social democrats will tell you that you are saving the planet, while they pick your pocket with increased tax dollars to give an oil field worker the same rate of pay to erect a windfarm.

Bring More Jobs

More jobs equal more tax revenues and more tax revenue equals more funding, more programs that can help our citizens and help the quality of the life of our citizens.

Solar Power Is unreliable and inefficient

You would think that solar energy is a great free source of renewable energy. Although useful is has it’s drawbacks.

First, it is intermittent. Nighttime and cloudy rainy days will not provide power so an alternative source of power is required. 

Secondly, solar power requires battery storage so it can be used in offpeak hours. The very same Lithium-ion batteries we touched on earlier regarding electric vehicles

Harness Power From Nature

All across America we have rivers and streams that always flow. We have oceans where the time comes in and goes out every single day. Hydro-electric power is a safe, proven way to generate environmentally friendly power for all of our needs.

Think about this. The Hoover Dam generates enough power for all the lights of Las Vegas and for 1.3 million customers in California, Arizona and Nevada. And it never runs out as the water never stops flowing.

We were working to help the American people.
Divided we fall, United we stand, this is how our view of things now

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