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It’s Time To Clean The Air We Breath

We are all responsible the planet that our children and grandchildren will inherit. We need a real plan that will work without bankrupting our countrol

Green New Deal Is A Bad Deal For New Yorkers

If you took all the money away from all of America’s billionaires it still would not be enough to pay for the Green New Deal. Where would the money come to pay for it? It would come from you and the increased taxes brought in to pay for it. 

Guaranteed jobs are a ponzi scheme

Guaranteed jobs means an even bigger glut in the inefficient machine of government agencies funded by taxpayers (remember the government generates revenues from taxes collected).  The more government jobs created, the more tax dollars will be needed to pay those salaries. 

Carbon Neutrality is Unrealistic

You can reduce your carbon footprint considerably in ten years, but it is not a realistic expectation to hit zero net emissions in ten years. The reality is, we will still eat beef, our farms and factories will still produces the goods we buy. We will still need transporation to move people and product across the city, across the state, all over the country and around the world

Long Term Effect of Going Green

The lithium in your electric car batteries are mined in some of the poorest countries in the world, utilizing forced child labor in many cases. Then you need to create power to charge the electric car. Even Tesla used a diesel generator to charge their vehicle at a German track.</a?

Then you need to consider the expense and environment damage that comes at the end of life for Lithium-Ion batteries and their disposal

New Deal Means New Taxes

One of the solutions that Social Democrats put out there is that in order to pay for this Green New Deal is to put in place a carbon tax to punish the polluters and reward those that are carbon neutral.

They may even tempt you with a rebate or tax credit as a shameless bribe to support their flawed plan.

Here’s the thing. A carbon tax is just that, a tax. Worse yet it is a tax on the very air we breathe. If you look at Canada that has implemented a carbon tax, the cost of living has gone up as a result. Everything costs more because of the carbon tax. As a result, people with the lowest incomes are hit the hardest.

A carbon tax is nothing more than an indescriminate Social Democrat cash cow that will hurt the most vulnerable members of New York City, and we must stand up to the tyranny and slavery of greedy government.

We Need To Address Climate Change Sensibly

Using tax dollars to retrain energy workers to work in green new industries at the same rate of pay is also a costly notion. The social democrats will tell you that you are saving the planet, while they pick your pocket with increased tax dollars to give an oil field worker the same rate of pay to erect a windfarm.

Windmills Are Not The Answer

Wind Energy is often touted as a safe eco-friendly renewable energy. There are three flaws with that.

One it is not always windy. No wind means no energy which means blackouts.

Two Wind turbine blades can’t be recycled. and are therefore buried in a landfill at the end of life. The fibreglass blades do not decompose so they will be sitting underground forever. A great legacy for our kids and grandkids.

Three windmills kill birds. Not one or two, but entire flocks can be wiped out. When you remove any species from the ecosystem, you disrupt it and cause irreparable damage.

Solar Power Is unreliable and inefficient

You would think that solar energy is a great free source of renewable energy. Although useful is has it’s drawbacks.

First, it is intermittent. Nighttime and cloudy rainy days will not provide power so an alternative source of power is required. 

Secondly, solar power requires battery storage so it can be used in offpeak hours. The very same Lithium-ion batteries we touched on earlier regarding electric vehicles

Harness Power From Nature

All across America we have rivers and streams that always flow. We have oceans where the time comes in and goes out every single day. Hydro-electric power is a safe, proven way to generate environmentally friendly power for all of our needs.

Think about this. The Hoover Dam generates enough power for all the lights of Las Vegas and for 1.3 million customers in California, Arizona and Nevada. And it never runs out as the water never stops flowing.

As your congressman you can count on me to stand up against the Green New Deal for what it is, an unrealistic plan put together by social democrats to pick your pocket of more tax dollars under the promise of more jobs.

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